Jean Linard's Cathedral is no longer open to the public

On November 25, 2019, the heirs refused to sign a new management agreement with the association.

Following the death of Jean Linard, which occurred in 2010, his heirs put this property on sale. In 2012, thanks to the support of specialists in outsider art and the intervention of Frédéric Mitterrand (the former French Minister of Culture), the site was listed historical monument.

The same year, the association “Autour de la Cathédrale de Jean Linard” (ACJL) was founded and, thanks to an agreement with the heirs, it was able to ensure, until then, the maintenance of the site, as well as its development. With its many activities (community volunteering restoration projects, art residences, workshops, meetings, shows, exhibitions), collaborations and a dedicated communications work, the ACJL converted a colossal and fragile work in a cultural and tourist asset of the territory. The Cathedral is today the 4th most visited monument of the Cher department.

The association revealed and developed the potential of this work of art, while respecting the values ​​it carries: the right to freedom of expression and the respect for nature and for any faith.

The site is still on sale at the price of 430,000 euros.

In June 2019, members of the ACJL and other enthusiasts founded a cooperative based on the multistakeholder model (Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif, SCIC - cooperative society of collective interest) named “A mosaic for the Cathedral”. The purpose of this SCIC is the collective purchase of the Cathedral to make it a common accessible to everyone, based on the principles of shared governance, sustainability, respect and solidarity.

On November 25, 2019, the heirs refused to sign a new management agreement with the ACJL, without arguing their decision. To date we are not aware of a new management, maintenance and preservation project for the site. We also do not know if the opening to the public will be assured for the 2020 season. The experience and knowledge gained by the association in eight years of activity may be lost and the site may quickly fall apart.

If you wish that the Cathedral remains accessible to everyone you can donate to help the SCIC buy the Cathedral.