> February 17 2010 Jean Linard died

> April 27, 2010 First interview with Mr Raffestain, president of the Cher area and representative of the regional council.

> 2 July 2010 visit of the president of the "Communauté de Communes des Hautes Terres en Haut Berry" Mr Pascaud. The community of cities of the Berry area.

> End August 2010 First article of P. Martinat in the local newspaper "Le Berry Républicain"

> 17 January 2011 Mr Fromion, member of the 1st district of the Cher area visits the site.

> February 18, 2011 First visit of Mr Van Dam, director of the D.R.A.C. for the Centre region.

> May 4, 2011 Second article by P. Martinat in "Le Berry Républicain".

> November 3, 2011 The Cathedral is put up for sale by the family.

> January 7, 2012 Article by Patrick Martinat in «Le Monde».

> January 16, 2012 Forty-three experts of «outsider art» sent a letter to Frederic Mitterrand asking him intervene for the preservation of the Cathedral.

> January> March 2012 Several publications in the press and Internet.

> March 12, 2012 Visit of the Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand to the Cathedral.

> April 2, 2012 Foundation of the association "Autour de la Cathédrale de Jean Linard".

> May 18, 2012 The official website of the Cathedral is put online.

> July > August 2012 Public opening of the Cathedral by the association.

> July 16, 2012 The cathedral is officially designated as a historical monument.

> April > November 2013 after the success of the 2012 season the association reopens the Cathedral to the public.


Today, the site is for sale. It is hoped that the buyers will commit to maintain this work of Art as it deserves, keep the place alive, and develop its potential as the family are not able to do so under the present circumstances.
The registration as "Historical Monument" will allow future owners to benefit from subsidies for the renovation and other tax benefits.
The association is already planning to acquire the place and conduct a long-term cultural project to develop its artistic, cultural and social potential, a project which can be achieved with the help of one or more donors and support of the many visitors who come to see this site, recognized by Mr F.Mitterand as "a work of Art which no doubt contributes to the artistic and cultural wealth of the french heritage"